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Principal’s Message

In a spirit of freedom, affirmation and celebration today, we strive to… “Sustain safe school environments characterized by warmth, hospitality, good humour and joy.”

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! Just as our Catholic school system is dedicated to ensuring the academic success of our students, the staff of STA strives to create a safe, peaceful school environment in which all feel comfortable, respected and nurtured, and where we can grow within the Catholic faith. Although we place great value on individual academic achievements, we place equal value on students’ development as healthy citizens who can contribute and participate in the larger community. We are committed to a safe and inclusive school environment because we believe that safe schools are needed for student success and academic achievement.

“Catholic teachers have faith in what they’re doing and that changes everything.”

A continued focus this year is on “wellness” – being spiritually well, physically well, emotionally well, as well as progressing ‘well’ academically—we want the best for our students. We encourage the students to have a good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast and come to school prepared to learn. We encourage healthy snacks and a nutritious lunch that is very low in prepared food and snacks. Food sold during school hours meets specific, “healthy” food requirements, according to PPM 150. Energy drinks are not allowed at school and students are encouraged to refrain from drinking pop. We, the staff, will provide a solid academic program, interactive lessons, regular breaks, opportunities to enjoy healthy snacks and to drink lots of water, recess and lunch times outside (we go outside in almost any kind of weather) and we promise to help with problem solving, whether it be difficulties with friends or challenges with a math problem!

Each year the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board focuses on a specific parts of Our Vision.  For the 2013-2014 school year our focus is to “Claim our role as global stewards cherishing the environment and all life in it.”  In our Catholic community we believe that each person is a supreme gift we must care for, and this care must include looking after the environemnt that sustains present and future generations of persons everywhere.  As the year unfolds we are asked to commit to “cherishing the environment and all life in it.”  I look forward to a focus on the stewardship of our planet and activities that promote compassion, love and well-being for all members of our local and global communites.

Thank you for being part of STA this year, as we continue to enhance well-being, our environment, and prepare everyone for the future.

Connie Dick
St. Thomas the Apostle School
41 Bolger Lane
Renfrew, Ontario
K7V 2M9
613-432-6478 fax

Students at St. Thomas celebrated Pink Day with a flash mob in the school gym, and joined by teachers and parents they shared through songs and video’s what it means to be a buddy and not a bully. We are very excited to share our video’s that we made.The Grade 4/5′s have also created a video called TRUE COLOURS



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